Calcined Magnesium Oxide

RA-HP-90 (Rahul High Purity)

  • Abrasive (For grinding Wheels).
  • Stock Feed / Cattle Feed.
  • Electrical (Insulating Material).
  • Chemicals (Mg. Salts).
  • Fuel Additive (Neutralization).
  • Refractory (Ceramics/Steel ind.).
  • Sugar Refining (Juice Processing).
  • Paper & Pulp< ./li>
  • Glass Manufacture.
  • (Decorative / Special Purpose).

RA-FG-85 (Rahul-Fine Grade)

  • (Flooring).
  • Leather Tanning (Basifier TAN 900).
  • Paper and Pulp.

RA-TG-80 (Rahul Tech Grade)

  • Chemicals (Mag. Salts).
  • Leather Tanning.
  • Waste Water Treatment.
  • Fertilizers (Plant Nutrient).

Basifier TAN 900
Basifier Tan 900 is added either with or shortly after the addition of the Chrome. An addition of 0.3% - 0.5% Basifier Tan 900 on pelt weight, will be sufficient for normal pickle-chrome processes. Slight adjustments in the quantity of pickle acid and the addition of Basifier Tan 900 may be necessary to achieve the correct balance. However once this is obtained, the process requires little control and can be allowed to proceed quit safely.

  • Very Strong Alkaline Powder with slow dissolution, leading to gradual Increase in pH, when added to chrome tan bath.
  • Full basification of the chrome tanning salts. Absorption of chrome will be much higher than sodium bicarbonate.
  • High chrome fixation. Loss of area is controlled.
  • Uniform distribution of chrome throughout the cross section of the leather and a smooth grain.
  • 80% reduction in consumption compared to sodium bicarbonate, therefore huge savings. Required 0.3 to 0.5% compared to 2.5% of Sodium.
  • Easy, time saving basification. Completely safe, self actuating method for regulating the basicity of chrome tannage.
  • Eliminates the risk of abrasion to the pelt and ensures consistently reliable results
  • No heat is generated compared to sodium bicarbonate.
  • Huge savings in process time of around 2 hours compared to sodium bicarbonate.