Light magnesium oxide is mainly used for rubber products and neoprene adhesive production, in the manufacture of rubber from the acid absorption agent magnesium accelerator effect, curing the crosslinking effect in neoprene adhesives, retarders and resin chelation . Played the role of magnesium in reducing the sintering temperature ceramics and enamels.

In the wheel, the manufacture of paint as a filler, in medicine as an antacid and laxative for the treatment of hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease, in food processing as a brightener or refined sugar bleaching agent. The greatest use in agriculture and livestock manure is used as feed, the metabolism of plants and animals are the main elements that are used to feed the cows, prevents a neurological dysfunction caused by magnesium deficiency. In addition it can be used for glass, steel, dyeing agents, electronic industry, insulation materials industry and petroleum additives, foundry, phenolics and other industries.