Typical Analysis of Export Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate Flakes (MgCl26H2O)
MgCl26H2O % by mass 98.0 to 99.0
Matter insoluble in water, % by mass 0.01
Sulphate (as SO4), % by mass 0.05
Calcium (as Ca), % by mass Nil
Iron (as Fe), PPM Nil
Heavy metals (as Pb), PPM Nil
Boron (as B) PPM 33
Nickel (as Ni), PPM Nil
Arsenic (as As), PPM Nil
Acidity (as HCI), % by mass Passes test
Alkali Chloride (as NaCL),% by mass 1.0
Ammonium Salts (as N) 0.006